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Mental Health First Aid


Sometimes, first aid isn’t a bandage, or CPR, or calling 911.

Sometimes, first aid is YOU!

You are more likely to encounter someone in an emotional or mental crisis than someone having a heart attack. The

Mental Health First Aid class teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with the signs and symptoms

of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate care. Mental Health First Aid is for anyone —

parents, neighbors, students, first responders, teachers, leaders of faith communities, human resources

professionals, and caring citizens.

 2017 Mental Health First Aid Classes  Mental Health First Aid 2017





Congratulations to the graduating officers of CIT Training on Friday, March 13th!

Crisis Intervention Team Training

Will be held: week of May 22, 2017 (NAMI presentations on Thursday, May 25th)

Location:  Heartland Community College 

Description of event:

This 5-day course will provide local law officers with specialized training on dealing with individuals who have a mental illness or other behavioral disability. Officers will be trained to be able to provide immediate response to calls involving a mental health crisis. The program will be conducted by a diverse group of law enforcement and behavioral health professionals including active CIT officers from four Illinois jurisdictions. Participants will be challenged through realistic role-play scenarios facilitated by professional actors.  Upon completion of the program, a CIT pin will be presented to wear of the officer’s uniform to identify the officer as being CIT trained.




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