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A House Divided

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From the author:

Writing your memoir can be daunting, but it can also be cathartic. I wrote A House Divided; A Story of Survival to help my four children understand (and remember) the events in our lives that led me to divorce their father. He was a high school math teacher, a respected tennis icon in the community, and the man I fell in love with during my freshman year in college. Unfortunately, he suffered from depression and, because of his stoic European background, he was unable to reach out for help. While his students praised his teaching and coaching abilities, my children and I were victims of his random mood swings that became more frequent as the years passed. His increasing bouts of depression and anger forced me to choose between him and the children. I chose my children.

I wrote this book 3 times over a span of 16 years: first, as a diary with dates dictating the sequence of events; second, as an autobiography that included more humanistic details; and, third, as a novel based on events as I lived them. I wanted to create a “page-turner.” Feedback from my readers indicates I achieved this goal. Now you can be the judge.

Benefits to you:

  1. You may see yourself and your family members in the story and will relate the events to your lives.
  2. You can reflect on the choices you have made in your life; I’ve shared my successes and failures.
  3. You may be inspired to write your own life story; writing is all about passion and perseverance.

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