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February 19, 2018

Writing Tips That Can Reduce Symptoms

By Steven Swink, M.A. | Feb. 16, 2018


In 1985, psychologist James W. Pennebaker theorized that the effort it takes to hold back our thoughts and feelings serves as a stressor on our bodies. By confronting these thoughts and acknowledging our emotions, we can reduce the stress and negative impact on our bodies. The result? We feel better.

One of the best ways to confront our feelings is through writing. Decades of research have suggested that Read More

    How Do I Know If My Therapist Is Effective?

    By Laura Greenstein | Feb. 14, 2018


    It can be a challenge to find the “right” therapist for you. You might come across someone who has a degree from an impressive school, writes extensively on psychology and mental illness, gives lectures and talks, and still isn’t an effective therapist. And while it is important for therapists to be educated, trained and up-to-date on current practices, there is so much more to a good therapist Read More

    My Great Wake-Up Call

    By Jordan Lally | Feb. 12, 2018


    Five years ago, my father fell into a deep bout of depression. Twelve months later his depression culminated in suicide. I’m careful not to say he “committed” suicide, because it was clear to me, having spent his final year on this earth close by his side, that he was no longer in the driver’s seat. His mind had been hijacked by a disease that ultimately drove him to Read More

    Why Don’t More Olympians Talk About Mental Illness?

    By Laura Greenstein | Feb. 09, 2018


    Many Olympians have talked about various health issues they’ve overcome, but so few have opened up about living with a mental health condition. This is surprising due to the immense mental component of being an Olympic athlete.

    Many Olympians have commented that the mental aspect of the game far exceeds the physical. So, coping with symptoms of mental illness would make competing even more challenging, just Read More

    The Problem With Yelling

    By Hilary Jacobs Hendel | Feb. 07, 2018


    “The problem with verbal abuse is there is no evidence,” Marta shared. She came for help with a long-standing depression.

    “What do you mean, lack of evidence?” I asked her.

    “When people are physically or sexually abused, it’s concrete and real. But verbal abuse is amorphous. I feel like if I told someone I was verbally abused, they’d think I was just complaining about being yelled at,” Marta explained.

    “It’s much more Read More

    Mental Illness: A Common Bond

    By Linda Vigen Phillips | Feb. 05, 2018


    On the first Saturday of every month since April 2016, the basement at Providence United Methodist Church (PUMC) in Charlotte, North Carolina transforms into a drop-in center called Providence Place. If you drop in one of these mornings, you might meet a student who just came from an art class, a retired teacher, a food services employee, a veteran, a bank employee or a retired electrician.

    If you circulate Read More

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